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    Respect the Value of Talents, Shape the Quality of Talents, Commit to the Growth of Talents

    Training Program

    We uphold the people-oriented tenet, value ​​talents, and regard talents as our first capital and the most precious wealth of the company. Focusing on training and developing talents is the reason for our continued progress and the key to the success of our business in the future. The company provides employees with phased and diversified training programs, develops and implements targeted training programs effectively every year, to help employees learn and grow, improve their work competence, and enhance their self-worth.
    Corporate training mainly includes two categories:
    Management training, professional technical training
    Training methods:
    External training, internal training, and other training based on personal characteristics

    Employee Career Development

    The company advocates scientific and efficient work and is committed to flat management. We value the professional and technical capabilities of employees in their job and plan their career paths on this basis to build an expert and management team. The company has planned four functions and disciplines to provide employees with smooth career paths and sustainable development opportunities.

    The combination of employee growth and business development is the key to success. The company develops career development plans for employees based on personal work characteristics and intentions. In addition to tracking and training employees, we also offer opportunities for job rotation, self-selection, and promotion to help employees implement personal development plans.

    The company has established a talent echelon management system. Candidates will be trained and cultivated intensively into senior managers or professionals who meet the corporate development requirements.

    We respect every employee and cherish their contribution to the company. By clarifying the positions and responsibilities, we encourage employees to make due contributions. For the appointment of managers, we follow scientific selection principles based on performance, morality, and leadership.